Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coastal Storm

A coastal storm hit the Outer Banks last week, wrecking havoc on Buxton, Mirlo Beach and Nags Head.  Dare County is estimating that the storm caused $5.2 million in damage.  The dune at the end of our street, Cottage Avenue, was breached and water ran all the way out to Old Lighthouse Road and beyond.  We were fortunate that our house did not sustain any damages due to the elevation of our lot.  Bobcats are in the process of rebuilding the dune, but the more significant issue continues to be the damage to Highway 12 in Mirlo Beach that is restricting traffic to the south end of Hatteras Island.

Check out slides 3, 4, 6 and 42 from the attached link.  The Porsche belongs to a woman who lives at the end of the street (closest to the ocean/dune)!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

OBX Half Marathon Finishers!

Carolee, Melissa and Kristyne ran the OBX Half Marathon this morning.  After an early wake up call (before 5 a.m), we drove up the beach to mile marker 11 in Nags Head and dropped the girls off at the race start.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, with temps in the high 50's at race start (7 a.m.) and in the upper 60's when they crossed the finish line.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky!  The race course ran south through a couple of Nags Head neighborhoods and crossed over the Manteo bridge for a downtown Manteo finish.  Melissa had been sick all week and got off her death bed to finish in 2:07+.  Kristyne finished in 2:09+ and Carolee finished in 2:25+...a great showing by all three ladies!  Congratulations and wear the bling with pride!