Thursday, July 16, 2015

Red Drum

Eric and I took a half day charter fishing trip aboard the Adventure yesterday with my brother-in-law Todd, nieces Dakota and Santana, and Todd's son-in-law Seth.  We spent several hours fishing for spot, mullet and other small fish, and pulled in about 50-60 that were worthy of keeping.  We changed gears mid-afternoon and decided to head over toward Ocracoke island and fish for something larger.  Our captain, Justin, took us to one of his trusty locations and the red drum started to hit the minute the lines were thrown into the water.  Todd, Seth, Eric and I all had the chance to reel in a large red drum, but Todd was the unlucky one...his fish got away after a good fight.  The red drum in these pictures all qualified for a citation and weighed about 60 pounds.  They estimate these fish are 25-30 years old and we released them back into the ocean.